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Package contains 200 GMS of high quality isabgol (psyllium husk) at best reduced prices

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200GMS Laxmi Sat-Isabgol Packaging:

200GMS packaging of best price Psyllium Husk with premium quality to buy online from Giriraj Enterprise.


Can be consumed with curd or water by people of all ages. For Full Gut Health!

Benefits of Natural Isabgol:

  • Fights high cholesterol by breaking the bad cholesterol, and helps in removal of fats from body.
  • Natural Isabgol can give relieve from heartburns and acidity as it reduces the irritation caused by the uncontrolled and abnormal release of acids from stomach.
  • Smooth bowel movements are after using psyllium husk because of the absorption of excess water and lubrication of the intestines.
  • Sat-Isabgol helps in diabetes as it is abundant source of natural dietary fibre which helps in the growth of plasma glucose.
  • This Psyllium husk promotes good health, digestion and much more.

Isabgol Dosage:

Take with curd, warm milk or water, everyday for effective results as instructed on the packaging unit of product according to the situation related to ones stomach. Consult doctor before using under any major condition.

Quality Isabgol at Your Doorstep:

Buy Premium quality psyllium husk online from Giriraj Enterprise, made with pure and natural ingredients with high dietary fibre content. It undergoes strict quality checks for delivering the best and beneficial isabgol to all our consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions about 200GMS Laxmi Sat-Isabgol Packaging

Q1. Can I take 200GMS Laxmi Sat-Isabgol with both curd and water?

Certainly! You can consume the 200GMS Laxmi Sat-Isabgol with either curd or water, providing flexibility in your daily intake.

Q2. Is the Isabgol suitable for individuals with diabetes?

Isabgol is an excellent choice for individuals with diabetes, thanks to its abundant natural dietary fiber content, which aids in regulating plasma glucose levels.

Q3. Can I give 200GMS Laxmi Sat-Isabgol to my children?

Yes, the 200GMS Laxmi Sat-Isabgol is suitable for people of all ages, including children. It can contribute to full gut health across different age groups.

Q4. Are there any specific instructions for storing the 200GMS Laxmi Sat-Isabgol?

To maintain its freshness and efficacy, it is advisable to store the 200GMS Laxmi Sat-Isabgol in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Q5. What sets Giriraj Enterprise’s Psyllium Husk apart in terms of quality?

Giriraj Enterprise ensures premium quality by subjecting its Psyllium Husk to strict quality checks. The product is made with pure and natural ingredients, providing high dietary fiber content for the best and most beneficial Isabgol.

Q6. Can I use the 200GMS Laxmi Sat-Isabgol to alleviate heartburn and acidity?

The Psyllium Husk in the 200GMS Laxmi Sat-Isabgol can help reduce irritation caused by the uncontrolled release of stomach acids, providing relief from heartburn and acidity.

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